Morrows of North Carolina, Illinois, Texas,
New Mexico, California and Arizona

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As is typical of just about any family tree, mine has roots in a number of different ethnic backgrounds: Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Spanish, American Indian, etc., etc.. Until recently, the Morrow branch of the family that immigrated to Arizona in the late 1890s could trace its origins back only as far as a Thomas Henry Morrow, who served as a rifleman and artilleryman in the Confederate Army, then later became a Baptist Preacher. This unlikely individual was my great-great-grandfather.

Since originally posting the genealogy I pasted together from from my father's interviews with his aunts and uncles, I have gotten several updates and corrections in email messages from folks who came across this site. Among these are:

I do plan to continue adding to this page when I feel plucky enough to dive into the sea of genealogical data available online; I especially want to flesh out the non-patrilineal roots, such as the Gutierrez family of Nacozari, Mexico.

Please feel free to contact me with any additional names, dates, places you may have uncovered.  As I mention above, I'm deeply indebted to those who have already taken the time to write me.

Follow the links in the schematic below for more information about birth dates, marriages, children, and so forth:

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